Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy 6th Anniversary (10 December 2002 - Today)

Every sky's a brand new sky,
And every kiss,
is a brand new kiss,
And every time we touch,
it is like the first time,
Just so much more exciting.
I cherish you each and every day;
Though lips and heart may slowly age,
This awe-struck girl will always be,
Madly in-love with you.
I will vow again to love you each day of my life,
As though each morning were the first!
There are just no words to ever tell you,
Just what you mean to me,
You are the best part of my life,
And for this I say THANK YOU.
Just as a meadow washed by rain,
And the day is starts with a brand new dawn,
So is my love for you,
So complete and true.
As the days pass into monthsI just want to take this moment,
to say Thank You My Love,
For the past 6 Years.
For being the man you are,
Amazing, gentle and true.
I am so very blessed that you areand always will be,
My better half, I LOVE YOU...!!!