Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spending Rm51 for nothing....!!!!

Actually I’m not in the mood for today. I spent rm51 for nothing! Actually, last day (Tuesday 20.01.2009) I receive an email from Malaysia auction they told me that I was winning PS2 SLIM I though that was PS2! My bid is not too high only rm1, but the cost for delivery charges is RM50! I was very-very excited when I receive the email from them. Without checking the PS2 Slim picture for 2nd times, I straightaway go to maybank2u.com for fund transfer! I transfer RM51 to Mr. @ Mrs. Song Chun Han account number 501066054611. But after all things settle (payment & email them back) I went to view the PS2 Slim picture back, I was very-very surprise that it’s not a PS2 but, I can’t say anything right now. You can just view the picture. I need to go to the toilet first need to cry for spending RM51 for nothing!!! Wahwahwah….

I send text massage to my bf, and tell him the story. But 8gar tidak reply my text. I want to call him but I can imagine macam mana dia ketawa…. But I need someone untuk meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati. So I call him....

trurrrt trurrrt

8gar : Yes darling
Me : Do you receive my sms?
8gar : Yes I do… (dengar2 saya dia ketawa sambil tahan2)
Me : Ah2…ketawa2!!!
8gar : Baby, I can’t believe how s***pid you’re.
Me : Ya I know la…
8gar : Hahahaha, its ok la baby. Next time don’t do again k
Me : ermmmmm, k la…!
Me : k
8gar : I LOVE YOU….balas ba….
Me : k, I love you 2.

Sedihnya saya main game zaman jipun! Bila bawa balik ni game p rumah mati-mati my brother kasih ketawa. Ya la mentang-mentang dia ada ps2! My daddy was asking why i buy game zaman jepun? You all want to know what i answer my dad? I tell him that I MISS MY CHILHOOD'S TIME (Padahal tipu saja takut kena kasih ketawa...!!!!)

Dear Mr. @ Mrs. Song Chun Han account number 501066054611, If you read this please call me URGENTLY I need my money back! Hahaha


queen quirin said...

OMG!!!!! tiapa..tiapa... nanti sa kasi kawan ko main k..(sambil tahan ketawa)..opsss tekasi tau pulak

olnetta jiliwin said...

Wahwahwah...!!! Sampainya hatimu quirin. Orang sedih mau mati da ni ba ;-(

queen quirin said...

aik.. urang sudah support dia..ok la bah tu.. sa pun pandai main this kind of game jak.. hehehe